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Welcome to Raus Stoneware Factory and Art Center

Raus Stoneware Factory is located just south of Helsingborg
one of the last stoneware factories in Scandinavia

Yoshio Nakajima Art Center Raus stoneware factory Gallery art gallery and rental
Yoshio Nakajima Art Center

In 2003, Raus Stoneware Factory was taken over by family Nakajima, who opened Yoshio Nakajima Art Gallery & Museum. Thanks to family Nakajima, Raus Stoneware Factory exists today with help of former owner and 3 other potters.

Yoshio Nakajima is a Japanese artist who came to Sweden in 1966 and began studying at the Valand School of Fine Arts in Gothenburg. Since then he has been faithful to Sweden. Nowadays he has his studio at Raus Stoneware Factory.
Yoshio Nakajima is represented in a number of museums around Sweden, Europe, USA and Japan.

Inside the Gallery and the Art Gallery is a permanent exhibition with Yoshio Nakajima’s art and you can also experience the studio environment.

> More about Yoshio Nakajima

Raus Stoneware Factory

Since 1911, it has been thrown and burned salt glazed stoneware with coal in Raus. Productions are still thrown by hands of world champion Bennte Brosbö Hansen and Nordic champion Bjarne Puggaard, who also throw at Royal Copenhagen. 90% of production is still the old everyday goods and 10% are unique pieces.

In 2011, Royal Copenhagen sponsored their porcelain clay to us. We burned them same way and the result was a fantastic unique items that can still be purchased here. You can also enjoy the old factory environment, kiln and Raus Museum. Our place is just 10 min south of Helsingborg by car.

Gallery, Art Hall & Rental

In 2011, we opened a new art gallery at Raus Stoneware Factory, in connection with our 100 year anniversary. You may find here, a unique international art exhibition, ceramics exhibition and live performances.

In addition to those, you can also rent the art gallery, we also offer a fantastic apartment for rent, which is close to Denmark, Ven, Lund and Malmö.

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Link: Yoshio Nakajima


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